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Dodgers Fan Gets Trucked by Security While Doing Proposal to Girlfriend on Field (Video)

Written by Nate

Opening Day was underway for the 2023 MLB season yesterday, but the craziest ejection of the day came from a fan on the Dodger Stadium grass.

Via multiple posts on social media, Ricardo Juarez, a Los Angeles Dodgers fan, rushed on the field to go down on one knee and proposed to his girlfriend, Ramona Saavedra, who’s in the stands. However, the security has their own answers as the fan gets blindsided with a form tackle by one of the officers.


Like many others, we all want to know if Ramona said yes. Well, she INDEED said yes!

After the incident, the New York Post mentions Ramona had accepted the proposal as Ricardo went to jail for jumping the field. The pic of the ring is featured in the Post’s article.

It is unknown if Juarez was injured from the security tackle or got a future ban from future MLB games, but at least Ricardo got his win on the night. We’ll also make it a double win for the couple, as the their team defeated the Arizona Diamondbacks, 8-2.

**Original Photos Courtesy: New York Post**

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