Do NOT Go To Treasures In Las Vegas, Biggest Scam There Is! | Treasures Strip Club Review

Have you ever wanted to go out for a fun night in Las Vegas? Obviously. Well don’t go to Treasures Stripclub. I’ll be upfront; the ‘free ride’ there was worth it. Because the driver Harold was super nice! But from the $3000+ that I paid for once ‘dancer’ to sit on her phone and the other to just sit there doing nothing is ridiculous.

The $150 for ummm… one drink and the $50 to tip for one drink is unbelievable. They sucker you into thinking the experience will get better, nope. They sit on the side of you and don’t even really dance. And to randomly slip me a nasty shot of Tequila to upset my stomach, then I puked, is ridiculous. I told the dancer twice that she must hate me because she’s only on her phone. Oh and don’t let them say ‘venmo me?’ because that’s the biggest scam of them all. Just run.

Seeing I own ProSportsExtra, I figured maybe we’d get a good price. Walk in and the guy tells me that we are all set for VIP. Nope. Absolutely ridiculous. Nothing but a scam. Didn’t even get to watch other ladies dance and they seemed to almost sucker me into staying back there.

Stay home or go elsewhere.

Our driver, Harold, was awesome and the only thing that was a plus about this garbage hole of a ‘strip club’ ridiculous. I’ve been to Vegas 10 times and never been this upset about having a night out. So much for that free ride being worth it. Not after those prices.

Oh yeah, rumor is the lady who was very very rude was the owners girlfriend. What a joke! If it is or isn’t, it doesn’t matter. It’s a scam. They told me three times to take everything out of my pockets, boom. Left 40% of the stuff I brought there. What a joke scam!! Plus the “free drinks” weren’t free. $150. Telling me that if I pay more we will do more, we did hardly anything!!

If they want to make it right our paypal is: [email protected]!

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