We were fooled. We were all fooled, including us here at PSE. We apologize for jumping the gun on our recent post on the ‘supposed passing of DMX,’ but this has to be addressed.

Comedienne and Instagram user Luenell Campbell posted an Instagram story that rapper DMX in this screenshot picture down below.

She later would delete the original post, and then posted this statement on another story.

Numerous tributes and posts were out expressing thoughts and prayers and RIPs to the rapper, who is reported to still be a ‘vegetative state’ and is alive.

However, a new trend in ‘Damn DMX’ is going on Twitter after learning about the death rumors, which turned out to be fake. And some users, they were NOT HAPPY.

Luenell should definitely be ashamed of herself for having DMX and music fans believe that the hip hop star died like that.

On her recent post on Instagram, she was bombarded with hate comments and deservedly so.


Such shame that we all fallen for her rumor and ran with it.


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