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Disney Plus and Thrust: The Search for an Erotic Euphemism Proves Puzzling

Written by Mike Rickard II

The English language is a fascinating thing and there’s nothing like discovering new words, especially when it comes to erotic euphemisms. A recent discovery had me scrambling to discover if I’d discovered a new phrase or if I’d dropped some bad acid again. I was sitting around the house with my hookah pipe when an older friend called me and asked if I’d ever heard the term, “Disney Plus and thrust.” While I do my best to keep up with the ever-changing and exhilarating English language, I told her that no, I hadn’t. A quick search of the Urban Dictionary revealed it means:

Basically a not so needed alternative for Netflix And Chill( Having the fricking while watching Netflix )

Like anyone with a pulse, I’ve heard the phrases “Netflix and chill,” “IMAX and climax” and the ever-amusing “Amazon and Anal,” but this was a new one for me. After three years in Con College (see my memoir Laughing All the Way to the Bank (Robbery): How an Attorney Survived Prison for all the fun and laughs) I found myself catching up on a lot of pop culture ranging from the latest memes to hot TV shows. So I wasn’t surprised that I hadn’t heard of “Disney Plus and Thrust.”

Naturally, I had to see just how out of touch I was so I phoned my brother and his wife. When I asked them if they’d heard of “Disney Plus and Thrust” there was an awkward silence followed by comments that hinted it might be something found on Jeffrey Epstein’s computer network. Next, I phoned one of my older nephews who told me they’d never heard of it but of course when I likened it to “Netflix and Chill,” he knew what I was talking about. At this point I was beginning to think “Disney Plus and Thrust” might be a made-up phenomenon like the moon landing and COVID-19. I had one last shot at discovering the truth. I phoned my teenage nephew and asked him if he’d ever heard of “Disney Plus and Thrust” to which he laughed and said “I haven’t heard that one in a year.” So yes, “Disney Plus and Thrust” is legitimate, it’s just that it’s passed the phase where the cool kids are using it and drifted into pop culture for the older crowd to think they’re hip. I’m talking cringey stuff like Grandpa saying “drive it like you stole it” or “that’s the bomb” to parents saying “Yolo” and “swag.” As for me, I’ll just stick to “DTF” and avoid any confusion.

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Mike Rickard II

Retired bank robber and author of "Wrestling's Greatest Moments", "Laughing All the Way to the Bank Robbery, "Flunky: Pawns and Kings," and "Don't Call Me Bush Beans: The Legend of a Three-Legged Cat." Pro wrestling and hockey fan. Hired gun for several pro wrestling sites and a top 10 YouTube wrestling channel. Available in regular and extra-strength.