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Disney Looks Primed To Bring Back LucasArts With New Lucasfilm Games Division

Written by Robert Workman

Hey, we miss LucasArts. Like FIERCE. Back in 2013, Disney put them on the chopping block after acquiring the Star Wars license from George Lucas, and the fans haven’t forgiven them since. But it sounds like they want to get back in their good graces again, and in the best way possible.

Some new listings over on the Disney Careers siteindicate that Disney is looking to reopen the division as Lucasfilm Games, in the hopes of reviving some long lost favorites for a new generation to enjoy- and we are definitely here for it.

Though the company hasn’t made an official announcement yet (likely at Star Wars Celebration, or maybe even E3 or D23 later this summer), the job listings indicate that the team will work on “interactive products” based on Star Wars and other Lucasfilm IP, for “all digital platforms.” These include consoles, PC and possibly even mobile.

The studio will be based around “interactive products,” though some jobs are asking for people that have “experience and knowledge of best practices in the game industry,” as well as a “passion for video games.” So we can’t help but think they’re looking for those that have an understanding of how LucasArts operated.

Now, while specific franchises weren’t mentioned, we could easily see the return of favorites like Maniac Mansion, Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis, and maybe even Monkey Island. After all, Full Throttle, Grim Fandango and Day of the Tentacle saw VERY effective re-releases through Double Fine, so these point and click games would be right at home with this generation.

Not to mention other titles. Imagine Disney teaming up with EA to bring back Rogue Squadron for a new generation to enjoy. Or maybe even something obscure like the SNES release of Indiana Jones’ Greatest Adventures. We’d be down to play that gem again.

We’ll see what Disney has in store in the months ahead. But this could be a bold move for the company- and good news for all players involved. Give it to us!

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