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Dismissal of Lawsuit Against Barstool Sports Upheld; Says Somerville, MA Mayor Joseph Curtatone Knew He Was Getting Recorded in Interview Prior – @kirkman @barstoolsports

Written by Nate

In a tweet by Chris Villani, the state of Massachusetts’s Supreme Court has upheld the dismissal of a lawsuit against Kirk Minihane and Barstool Sports by mayor of Sommerville, Joseph A. Curtatone.

This had came after Minihane-while trying to impersonate someone else’s identity of a Boston Globe columinst Kevin Cullen-was trying to land an interview with the mayor back in 2019.

Just after Barstool’s post was published, Curtatone later sued Minihane and Barstool, believing that Minihane and the company have violated state rulings based on secret recordings. That lawsuit was first dismissed.

Curtatone later filed an appeal, and just recently, it has been ruled upheld.

The post by said the Supreme court stated that Curtatone was aware of the recording and did grant permission to Minihane’s identity to speak to him in that conversation, deeming it not illegal.

Both Minihane and Barstool Sports founder Dave Portnoy provided statements upon the ruling. The podcast host said that he strongly believed he and his team had won their case.

It took 2 years to finally get the beef between Curtatone and Barstool Sports settled, and with the backing of the highest court in the state of Masschusetts, it seems that it is now official. Barstool gotten their ruling, and we believe it is the time to move on.

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