Disgraced Ex-NFL Player Zac Stacy Previously Attacked Ex-Girlfriend

As first reported by TMZ, disgraced ex-NFL running back, Zac Stacy, has previously attacked the mother of his 5 month old child, Kristin Evans, on many occasions.

In Evans’ restraining order application she recalled a previous alternation in August, “He physically assaulted me several times because he wanted the money back he gave me for our rent…He punched my legs, slapped me, picked me up by my arms, and threw me into my window, which broke. I had glass in my feet that I removed myself.”

She called the police during the altercation and downplayed the events, however, she documented the incident with photos showcasing her injuries. Evans released these photos to TMZ.

His ex-girlfriend also released the following video pleading for others to turn him in while Stacy was still on the run.

The original video of the incident as well as additional information provided by Evans’ friend can be found here. Warning: the details are quite disturbing.

Stacy has released cryptic messages on his social media seemingly defending his disgusting actions:

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