Here’s something that you may have missed in last Saturday night’s UFC 246 main event card.

Former Carolina Panthers and Dallas Cowboys defensive end Greg Hardy making his marks in mixed martial arts—and it didn’t go too well on his recent bout.

Hardy made his appearance against Tai Tulvasa last night and his fight was over with just a minute over in the first round.

That knockout is fitting enough for karma as Hardy was in a negative spotlight in his NFL career due to him originally being found guilty of assaulting his ex-girlfriend back in 2014.

Even though his charges were later dropped due to the victim not showing up to testify, his career were forever marred by controversy. Hardy did serve a 4-game suspension (it was 10 at one point), and went to finish his NFL career with the Cowboys in 2015.

Karma comes in all forms, but what Hardy got late Saturday night, it’s very fitting. Some get what they deserve coming, and by having that knockout, it’s one of those situations.


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