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Diehard Chiefs Fan and ‘What Happenduh’ TikTok Star James Droz to Be Pick Announcer in Day 3 of 2023 NFL Draft

Written by Nate

Remember James Droz? That one football fan made the mega-viral ‘WHAT HAPPENEDDUH’ video after every one key team’s loss?

Yes, this fan. Well with over a week left until the 2023 NFL Draft coming up, Droz just gotten a surprise from his favorite team in defending Super Bowl champion Kansas City Chiefs.

Via a tweet by Barstool Sports, James was in a video with one of the Chiefs’s staff members and he was given a chance to announce one of the Chiefs draft picks coming up in Day 3 of the NFL Draft next week in Kansas City.

Let’s say James did not hesitate on whether he wanted to go or not. Heck if the chance was there, a lot of other fans wouldn’t either.

Such a great deal for the young man who rose to fame on TikTok with all his videos. Now we wait and see if he can deliver his famous line towards certain teams such as the Philadelphia Eagles and Cincinnati Bengals after beating them last season.

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