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Did You Know Jeffrey Dahmers Second Victim Was From The U.P Of Michigan?

Written by TrevStone

If you’ve been sleeping under a rock you might have missed the new Netflix Series regarding Jeffrey Dahmer which takes you through his entire life and shows what he did to lure his victims in.

The series is a must see.

Personally, I live in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula which isn’t far from Wisconsin. As I researched regarding the victims I realized one of them lived close by in the Upper Peninsula.

Steven Tuomi was originally from Ontonagon, Michigan and was only 25 years old at the time he was killed by Dahmer.

Tuomi was the only victim of Dahmer who Dahmer didn’t get charged for. Why? Because they weren’t able to find Tuomi and had lack of evidence. Although Dahmer didn’t recall all the details that happened he believed he killed Tuomi at the Ambassador Hotel. 

Tuomi’s classmates remember him as being quiet but artistic:

“I was in art class with him and he made a beautiful lead stained-glass lamp that I can still remember,” said classmate Priscilla Marley Chynoweth. “It was just beautiful. I remember he could do just about anything artistic.”

How did it happen?

The following information comes from The Canemaholic:

On November 20, 1987, Steven was spending time at a bar in West Allis, Wisconsin, when he came across Jeffrey Dahmer.

After spending some time at the bar, interspersed with harmless flirting, Jeffrey made it clear that he was interested in being more than friends. Incidentally, the serial killer later mentioned that when he first came across Steven, he did not feel an urge to take his life, but with him being extremely attractive, he dreamt of getting intimate with him.

Jeffrey was residing with his grandmother at that time, he wasn’t sure if he could take Steven back to his house, and thus, the two decided to spend the night in a room at the Ambassador Hotel in Milwaukee. Once at the hotel, the serial killer’s desperation to control his partner took over, and he proceeded to drug the latter. However, after his arrest, Jeffrey mentioned that he only intended to lie beside him and had no plans of taking Steven’s life. Yet, when he awoke the following day, he found his victim lying underneath him with his chest caved in.

Additionally, there were bruises all over Steven’s body, and blood was dripping from the corners of his mouth. Meanwhile, Jeffrey felt a sharp pain in his forearm and realized his fists and one of his forearms were bruised in the struggle. The serial killer later insisted that he had no recollection of killing Steven, yet he knew he had to dispose of the body. Hence, he packed his victim’s body in a large suitcase and carried it to his grandmother’s house before dismembering him and dissolving his flesh in acid.

Besides, the victim’s bones were crushed and disposed of, so Steven’s remains were never located even after Jeffrey’s arrest. Interestingly, in the 1993 Inside Edition interview, the serial killer talked about Steven Tuomi and noted that although he had no plans of going on a killing spree, the 25-year-old’s death opened the floodgates to his murderous instincts.

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