Did WWE Botch The Return Of Becky Lynch?

Written by Robert McCarver

One of the most anticipated returns of the year has been Becky Lynch returning after taking time off due to her pregnancy last year. Well, we got the return tonight and it was confusing, to say the least.

Tonight at Summerslam it was supposed to be Bianca Belair vs Sasha Banks but it was announced that Sasha couldn’t compete tonight so instead, Bianca would face Carmella for the 3457984302nd time this year. The crowd was not having it and went dead silent and then started to boo. There was a faceoff between Carmella and Belair and then the music hit and out walked the Man Becky Lynch.

What a great moment right? Well, not so fast she went onto beatdown Carmella and then squash Bianca Belair for WWE Smackdown women’s championship in 26 seconds. What should’ve been a great moment turned into one that fans were questioning the booking of WWE. Becky was the biggest star in the company when she had to take time off and then she returns and they botched it right away. No issue with her getting a title shot like some people are because she never lost her Raw women’s title last year as she vacated it before she went away its how they booked the match. This is your big return of the year and you have her squash a fan favorite when she too is a fan favorite. Why would you just feed one of your top female talents to a returning one no matter who it is? Unless this is a start of a heel turn then you’ve damaged Bianca Beliar right now. You just showed that she can’t even compete with someone who was out of the ring for over a year.

I’m hopeful WWE can right the ship on the story but have major doubts about that because of their track record for the last 5 years. If they can salvage this then this feud should produce some amazing matches between Bianca, Becky, and Sasha when she returns and sets up Smackdown to have a good division to build on if they get away from the same matches every week.

Did WWE botch Becky’s return? I believe they did even though WWE wanted the crowd pop and the shock factor they made their women’s champion look like she didn’t deserve it in the first place. Give us your thoughts on the return of Becky Lynch!

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