Did Tyreek Hill make a mistake by leaving the Chiefs?

This NFL Off-Season has seen a lot of players moving to new teams. One of the most notable has been Tyreek Hill leaving the Chiefs, to head down to the sunny beaches of Miami. But will he stay in Miami?

Over the past few weeks Hill has given much praise to his new QB. He says his accuracy is great and he can throw the deep ball, too. Is this Hill taking a shot at Mahomes? Surely not, because we all know what Mahomes can do, and what Mahomes has already done.

A quote was just released, on the Arrowhead Wire(a Chiefs Facebook Page)that says Hill wants to retire a Chief. He says he will always be a Chief. Does this mean that maybe he regrets going to Miami, or is he going to do a Frank Gore and just retire on a one-day contract in KC, eventually? His recent quote is below.

Recent comments from the Cheetah:

“I’m going to say it again: I’m going to retire a Chief. Like I said, this is where it all started. This is where I became a man. These are the guys who gave me a chance, who believed in me … So thank you, Coach Reid. Thank you, John Dorsey. Thank you, Alex Smith, Patrick Mahomes, everybody for helping me along the way.” #ForeverAChief

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