Did Twitter Shut Down Last Night to Save Joe Biden?

Written by Nik D

Last night, the world was in an uproar;

Twitter had shut down for an hour.

Was this a technical glitch? A hack job? Or perhaps a ploy to save presidential nominee, Joe Biden?

Our current President seems to think it was the latter.

Twitter made some controversial rounds yesterday, by posting a message that an article stating that Biden’s son, Hunter, was offered money to introduce Sleepy Joe to Chinese energy companies.

Twitter claimed that the link to the article may have been spam or intended to mislead people.


When a national and credible news source posts something it is spammy? I post shitty articles and click-bait all the time. I never get a message like that for my posts.

After a bit of outrage, Twitter was shut down for about an hour or two.

Seems a little fishy to me. It really seems like they were trying to cover up a story that could hurt Biden’s chance at the presidency.

It just goes to show, that you can’t trust anyone in the media or so called ‘journalists’ these days.

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