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Did Twitter Give You Anxiety With Its New Timeline? All Of Your Questions Answered Here About The New Twitter Timeline!

Twitter was abuzz today about users not exactly loving the look of their new timelines. In fact, there have been very few positive tweets about the changes. People have been ridden with anxiety with this big change to their timelines. Check out some of the “hate tweets” below.

For any questions you may have about the new look, I highly recommend looking at the brief video below from Twitter explaining exactly why the new look was implemented and how it will better benefit the user experience.

This new design of the timeline on Twitter for iOS takes images, videos, and GIFs and stretches them full-width. Because of this, Twitter now has an “edge-to-edge” design that ultimately rids of the margins on the sides. This change essentially gives Twitter for iOS an edge-to-edge design that removes the margins on the sides.

While they are currently in the testing phase, as of right now it has not been announced as to whether or not this will become the norm for all Twitter users. In the mean time, I implore you older members of society to remember when Facebook decided to implement its news feed in 2006. I recall Facebook users worldwide nearly rioted stating that the new look was too cluttered and that it would never last. But then it did. And then Twitter was born, another social media news feed that was much more compartmentalized than Facebook. Then we had Reddit, Instagram, etc.

Simply put folks, the new timeline design is likely here to stay. Change isn’t always easy, but companies like Twitter invest a ton of money into the future of their products. If they think it’s best, odds are, the new design is going to become universal.

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