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Did Trevor Bauer Just Accidentally Leak That He’s Signing With Mets?

UPDATE: Bauer would wind up signing with the Los Angeles Dodgers, via the Bleacher Report. So yes, it was pretty much a troll job towards the Mets.


Well, this is interesting.

On Twitter, there are a couple tweets going around that former Cincinnati Reds pitcher Trevor Bauer could potentially be signing with the New York Mets as he appeared to be giving away some signed hats and merchandise online.

The links in the tweet were taken down, but it did cause some speculation.

But it turns out that Bauer is—he probably trolling everyone just to get a reaction of them as he did post that he is giving away another signed hat (for the Los Angeles Dodgers) in another tweet.

If it is a great troll job, he did a pretty job at that front. Hopefully, we will know what Bauer’s team will officially be in the next few days.

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