Did Tory Lanez Shoot Megan Thee Stallion? Twitter Thinks So! @theestallion

Written by schultzyca

This is definitely NOT ‘Hot Girl’ summer moves. Superstar rapper Megan Thee Stallion was reportedly shot during the Tory Lanez situation that happened some nights ago which resulted in Tory being arrested on gun charges.

This is Meg’s statement after the ‘traumatic’ event and it definitely seems like a crazy situation. Several questions can be asked; who shot Megan? Why did they want to shoot Megan? Did Tory shot Megan? Where was Megan shot? All these questions and more can be asked but Twitter is searching for answers and no conclusions have been made just yet but if I was a gambling man I would assume that the Twitter police will come to so conclusion. People are obviously coming to Meg’s defense because this is a terrible situation which could have ended so much worse it seems. Folks on Twitter are already making conclusions on the matter.

Twitter is for sure outraged and hopefully we will all get details to this situation soon because I have much more questions now after Megan’s statement. I hope Megan a quick and speedy recovery because we are in the middle of Hot Girl summer and this can’t be happening!

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