Did The Arizona Cardinals Overpay Kyler Murray?

Written by BadBoiCiCi

Thankfully the contract is only 160 million guaranteed for the September and October games he’ll win. Congrats to the little man on getting paid, he deserves some of it. That’s a lot of money for a guy who is just talented but can’t win you big games, but Kirk Cousins got paid, so there’s precedent for this. 

This contract really puts Arizona in a bind. It’s now a prove it year for a guy you just paid, so how much is Kyler going to want to prove it with 160 million in his pocket. I understand how the quarterback market goes, but when will someone put their foot down and say no to a quarterback who doesn’t deserve it. 

Call this an old guy take but, guys shouldn’t just get this kind of money because of what they can do, and should get it because of what they’ve shown they can do. Maybe I’m just no fun, but that’s my take. Good Luck to the Arizona Cardinals, I wish them the best, and congratulations to Kyler Murray for being rich.

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