Did Stephen A. Smith Just Tell Julia Rose and Jake Paul That He Gets His Ass Eaten?

Written by austenlange

Holy shit holy shit holy shit.

I really think Stephen A has finally let it all loose with the media and is just FIRING off takes left and right. Which, to many in the sports world is a no brainer. HOW THE FUCK EVER, this interview Stephen A did an interview with Jake Paul (boxer I guess), and Julia Rose (chick who flashed Gerrit Cole at the 2019 World Series) and in his responses to their questions might shock you more than you’d think.

The utter shock on the younger Paul brother is outstanding his jaw legit hits the floor just adding to the craziness of America’s best treasure.

mean this guy is amazing. Many hate the man for his over dramatic sports analysis but holy shit. CAN YOU IMAGINE STEPHEN A JUST GETTING HIS CHILLI BOWL EATEN?????

I imagine him leaving the room after the deed is done saying something like this:

Stephen A is a national treasure who I am sure I will inevitably call a fraud loser sometime down the road. That’s just human nature, but for now Stephan A is the fucking GOAT.

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