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Did Slim Shady Just Get Into the AAF Business?

Could this be the next face of sports team ownership? While the concept of celebrities owning portions or entireties of a team isn’t unheard of, it seems that the real Slim Shady might want a piece of the pie after the Iron and Express game where he tweeted this out:

Looks like he wasn’t alone in thinking it was a good idea:

When the CEO/Co-Founder of the organization you’re tweeting about of which you have a desire to bring a possible team to your city not only responds but shows INTEREST, you’ve hit the jackpot. The door to a future detroit AAF team with some involvement of Eminem would definitely put butts in seats (continuing the hot streak of the AAF snapping up Manziel). About the fighting part, let’s just hope the AAF can lock down Slim before the XFL ramps up its efforts.

I’ll keep y’all posted with any updates surrounding this, but until then this is your favorite Serb, PSE’s one and only, Jacob.

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