Opinion: Did Republican House of Representatives member Marjorie Taylor Greene call Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez a cunt? That’s the impression people have to get after reading reports from non-partisan rags such as The Washington Post and the network news nincompoops at NBC News. This could just be the beginning of a major partisan pissing contest as House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is suggesting Greene could face ethics charges in the House (on a side note, isn’t ethics and Congress an oxymoron?)

According to the Washington Post:

Two Washington Post reporters witnessed Ocasio-Cortez (N.Y.) exit the House chamber late Wednesday afternoon ahead of Greene (Ga.), who shouted “Hey Alexandria” twice in an effort to get her attention. When Ocasio-Cortez did not stop walking, Greene picked up her pace and began shouting at her and asking why she supports antifa, a loosely knit group of far-left activists, and Black Lives Matter, falsely labeling them “terrorist” groups. Greene also shouted that Ocasio-Cortez was failing to defend her “radical socialist” beliefs by declining to publicly debate the freshman from Georgia.

“You don’t care about the American people,” Greene shouted. “Why do you support terrorists and antifa?”

NBC News is reporting that Nancy Pelosi (who was one of several candidates for 2020’s “Can’t Understand Normal Thinking” Award) commented:

“It’s so beyond the pale of anything that is in keeping with bringing honor to the House, or not bringing dishonor to the House. It’s so beyond the pale that you wonder … it probably is a matter for the Ethics Committee,”

Pelosi, whose appearance has some questioning whether she is in fact, a mummy come to life said:

“This is beneath the dignity of a person serving in the Congress of the United States and is a cause for trauma and fear among members, especially on the heels of an insurrection, on which the minority in the committee yesterday denied ever happened.”

Let’s look at some recent tweets from Greene concerning AOC:

The Washington Post reports that Greenr has had other run-ins with Congressional representatives including Democrat Marie Newman and Cori Bush. Is she stepping over the line? Apparently Green doesn’t think so. A Daily News story notes:

Greene insisted Thursday that she has every right to demand that a fellow lawmaker debate important issues.

“Why would a member of Congress need security to debate with another member? That doesn’t make sense,” said the Georgia lawmaker.

Greene also shrugged off the possibility of facing an ethics investigation.

“She (Ocasio-Cortez) doesn’t need to file ethics violations or whatever she’s doing. That’s reacting like a child,” she said.

While Congress has come a long way from the day when angry members clubbed political opponents in the supposedly sacred halls of the Capitol, the rhetoric that erupts during any political discourse is ridiculous. At a time when the United States is dealing with economic troubles, record deficits, and “Sleepy” Joe Biden haunting the White House, we need strong leadership that can behave like grown-ass people (or at least maintain the appearance while in office). There’s likely plenty of blame to go around but rather than demonizing opponents, let’s get to adulting.

Gentle reader, I won’t even get into a discussion of the media other than to say its job is all about getting clicks, ratings, and selling newspapers. Couple that with the reality that a majority of the media is owned by a small percentage of people and it’s clear that you’re not going to get an unbiased opinion. While newspapers traditionally have been partisan, it’s pointless to take anything at face value (present writer excepted).


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