Did Ray Lewis Threaten To Assault LeBron James And Quickly Delete The Tweet?

Written by schultzyca

What is happening? LeBron James tweeted out ‘What a Game’ in response to the Ravens and Browns game and everyones favorite murder Ray Lewis quoted the tweet with a response to ‘be careful’ and quickly deleted the tweet.

Ray’s PO must of got a hold of him and told him you cannot tweet stuff like this and so he quickly deleted the tweet. What a psycho Ray Lewis is the guy is a nut and I wouldn’t be surprised if he meant this as some form of a threat. I mean get a grip Ray it is a football game at the end of the day that you are not playing in why do you care?

Ray Lewis is deleted the tweet because he is on a flight to LA right now to go find LeBron because he clearly does not know how to use Twitter. He is trying to shut LeBron up and he is going to handle so business. I have no idea what is going on but I would like to be in Ray’s head because he is literally a psycho. I mean we are talking about someone who has committed murder like what is happening?

Why is Ray going after LeBron James I am trying to make sense of this whole situation. I find it funny that he was so quick to delete the tweet. He must not know that Twitter does not forgive and it certainly does not forget. If Ray was that ‘bad’ of a man he would of left the tweet up. This has been an absolute wild night on Twitter between Lamar Jackson‘s crapgate and now Ray Lewis is threatening LeBron James over a Ravens, Browns game. Does not make sense to me.

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