I think I’ve found my new favorite feud. Children’s cartoon character and notorious porker Peppa Pig took to twitter today to roast rapper Kanye West. This came after Pitchfork gave West’s newest Album “Donda” a 6/10, and Peppas album received a 6.5. Peppa let Kanye know. Check it out.


So what are the chances that Kanye’s next song includes some sort of diss at Peppa Pig? Gotta be pretty high, I assume. Or maybe he’s just gonna tweet eating a plate of bacon to send the message, I don’t know. Wow, that joke was terrible, I should be depressed that I actually wrote that. Yuck.

But, I am a pretty big fight fan, so I love conflict, and I’m praying Kanye actually engages with Peppa here. What’s he got to lose? It’s Peppa Pig! And if you think there’s no chance that this feud escalates beyond this, you’re a bit ignorant. Are you not aware that Kanye West is INSANE??? He so not above getting into a public feud with Peppa Pig, and in fact, I think it’s likely.


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