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Did Ninja Send an Angry Email to a Lions Reporter? – @Ninja @kmeinke

Written by Nate

UPDATE: from Kyle himself, nope, it was not Ninja.

After the Detroit Lions’ embarrassing 41-25 loss on Thanksgiving Day to the Houston Texans, many Lions fans had to vent their anger somewhere. A lot of them resorted to sending Lions beat reporters angry emails, but on Twitter, one sender of the emails could be from someone famous.

Kyle Meinke of said in one of his tweets that he received an email from ‘one of the top gamers in the world.’ And that line left many Lions fans suspecting it could be from Ninja, who is one of the biggest and popular gamers in the world and is a huge Lions fan.

Meinke didn’t mention Ninja’s name because we don’t know if it was him. If it is, we do not blame him.

Head coach Matt Patricia literally has done little to nothing to fix the Lions this season, and in fact, his team overall gotten completely worse since he took over.

I can understand that Lions fans like myself are beyond pissed at the team’s performance and coaching, but if you get a celebrity like Kid Rock or Ninja mad and calling for his job, you deserve to be canned.

Here’s to hoping for Patricia (and maybe general manager Bob Quinn) will be gone by the end of the week though!

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