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Did Nelson Agholor Make a Burner Account Just to Slander His Own Team and Fans?

Written by Nate

We got ourselves a mystery here.

A new, mysterious burner account on Twitter has been going viral as of recently, and football fans suspect that it could be linked to Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver Nelson Agholor.

The account, ‘@efam33,’ could be referenced to Agholor’s middle name, Efamehule.

Down below are screenshots from Twitter users on the account and the tweets it sent out bashing Eagles quarterback Carson Wentz and his team.

This is just a rumor at the moment. But there is news saying the former Super Bowl champion wideout missed practice with a knee injury this week however.

The account is still active, but the account’s tweets have been deleted. This may turn out to be a sticky situation if it is all true.

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