It appears that NBA MEGA-star Kevin Durant doesn’t give a rats ass about his heavy load of playing minutes. And while many are surprised by this I for one am not. KD IS THAT MOTHER FUCKER. He cares about one thing and one thing alone B-U-C-K-E-T-S. That plain and simple.

Kevin Durant is currently the best player on this planet and if he can keep this kind of MJ/Kobe type of attitude is there anyone in the league who will stop him? Well, look no further than his own teammates.

First, James Harden. Dude, I’m a fat out of shape blog boy but if I was getting paid millions to be in tip top shape you bet your ass I’d look like Arnold every single night. It really gives off “I don’t care” vibes and that doesn’t ignite a locker room.

Kyrie, brother just pull an Antonio Brown and fake the fucking card. It is not that hard. I work construction and I can list 15 places in the DFW where you can get fake vax cards it’s not that hard. Kyrie is an absolute stud, (when he plays), and with him missing half of their games you can’t help but wonder if that’ll be the downfall of this Brooklyn team.

I know KD can will this team to victory and I do believe him, but let’s not let the man die before he gets another ring.


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