Did Joe Burrow invite 6 different girls to the Bengals game today?

I just saw one of my favorite TikToks ever, and I’m praying to the gods that it’s true. Apparently, Joe Burrow invited a pretty attractive young lady to today’s Bengals game. But, it wasn’t just one, it was six… and they were all sitting together. Check it out.

Now, I’m not an idiot, and I’m fully aware that this could just be a bunch of girls who decided to make a TikTok, but I’m really hoping that’s not the case. If it’s true, how can you not respect it? Joe’s playing the numbers game, and after a 20 point loss that’s pretty important. One girl doesn’t mess with you after you throw a couple of pics, all good, there are still 5 others you invited.

But, there’s no way he would’ve wanted them to all be sitting together, right? That’s gotta be a pretty awkward realization for those chicks. Here they were thinking they were special, but in reality, they were just one of six at minimum. Joey B’s probably got various females scattered throughout the stadium, but these 6 just happened to run into each other.

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