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Did George Springer Get Caught Cheating; Max Scherzer Traded To The New York Yankees?

Written by Chris Powers

Unfortunately professional athletes just have a thing for cheating. I’m not sure why that is. Maybe it’s the glitz and glamour of the spotlight that caused them to do bad things.

MLB player and current Toronto Blue Jays outfielder George Springer is one of those people. As we all know, Springer was a part of the 2017 World Series winning Houston Astro’s that was involved in the biggest Major League Baseball cheating scandal of all time.

Springer was part of a team that told their hitters what pitches were coming by stealing signs using a camera they set up in the stands. They would then bang on a garbage can in the tunnel behind the dugout to let the players know what types of pitches were coming.

The fact that Springer, one of the teams leaders, and other Astros players took part in such a thing is downright disgusting. Springer, along with every other Astro’s player should be banned from baseball. So simply put, yes, George Spring and the rest of his team were caught cheating.

In other MLB news, there has been speculation that the Washington Nationals are interested in trading Max Scherzer. One possible landing spot? The New York Yankees. Check out the video below to learn more about the possible trade option.

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