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Did Dan Campbell Cost The Lions A Victory Over The Ravens?

Written by Robert McCarver

Most everybody knows how the game ended between the Ravens and Lions on Sunday, if not well the refs missed a call on the Ravens then Justin Tucker decided to break the NFL record with a 66-yard field goal for the win. But did Head Coach Dan Campbell cost the Lions the game on Sunday?

Many fans and media have questioned the coach’s late-game playcalling and how the offense took a conservative approach at the end of the game. The team elected to run the ball 3 straight times in the red zone to have the Ravens take their final 2 timeouts and then running the clock down to about a minute before kicking the go-ahead field goal. So was taking the conservative approach the correct call?

In my opinion, yes it was because of how the offense has looked this year and during that game. The offense was supposed to be the “strength” of the team but hasn’t been anywhere close to that. The offense, outside of week 1 where the majority of the teams’ points came in garbage time in the 4th quarter has been completely awful. Goff is what many thought he was, which is a bottom-half starter away from McVay with him leading a Detroit offense that has only scored 17 points each of the last 2 games against a bad Packers defense and a Ravens defense that has been ravaged with injuries. So Dan Campbell made the best decision playing conservative because he hasn’t been able to trust his offense to make a big play yet this year. During the game Sunday, he elected to send out his offense on multiple 4th downs only to have penalties cost them where they ended up having to punt.

He played conservative but at that point in time, it was 100 percent the correct call. The defense made Lamar uncomfortable all game and held a Ravens offense to 116 yards on the ground. I believe that if he had more talent at QB and WR he goes for the 1st down to ice the game but he doesn’t and you got a glimmer of what he thinks about the talent on the offensive side of the ball with that playcalling on Sunday.

Do you believe Dan Campbell’s conservative approach cost the Lions a victory? Why or why not? let us know!

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