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Did Bill Clinton Fall Asleep at “Creepy” Joe Biden’s Inauguration?

Written by Mike Rickard II

Did former President Bill “Bubba” Clinton fall asleep during “Creepy” Joe Biden’s Presidential inauguration? That’s the question Americans are asking (besides when the first round of Biden Bucks roll off the presses). Several news agencies, including the New York Post are reporting on Bubba’s apparent dozing off:

Former President Bill Clinton appeared to be nodding off during Wednesday’s inauguration ceremony for President Joe Biden.

Brief video clips posted online show Clinton, 74, with his eyes shut when a TV camera cut to him during Biden’s inaugural address outside the US Capitol.

The jackasses unbiased analysts over at Snopes aren’t so sure, and have the report of a comatose Clinton possibly just being Bill having his eyes closed. According to the writer from the website whose name rhymes with the word dopes:

The images indeed showed the former president with his eyes closed at the ceremony. Snopes reviewed footage from news outlets including BBCCBS News, and CSPAN — all of which captured Clinton’s condition during Biden’s speech.

However, no evidence definitively proved Clinton lost consciousness for a period of time. Clinton did not comment on the accusation, nor release any statement or take any action that would help determine its legitimacy, and no member of the crowd (which included journalists tasked with the job of reporting people’s reactions) gave any indication that Clinton did or did not fall asleep.

Maybe Bubba was dreaming of days gone by with Monica or doing anything to drone out “Sleepy” Joe’s banter. Perhaps Bubba was so comfortable knowing that over 20,000 armed troops were on hand to witness the peaceful transition.

Unlike Bill Clinton, you can be certain female staffers and women everywhere won’t be sleeping, thanks to the thought of “Creepy” Joe laying hands on them in and out of the Oval Office. Our long national nightmare is just beginning.

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