Did Ava Louise Licking A Toilet Stop Everyone From Talking About Gun Girl Kaitlin Bennett? If so.. Thank You Ava! – @KaitMarieox @realavalouiise

You know who I haven’t heard about for a little while? Kaitlin Bennett. Yeah, the crazy gun girl. I’m not complaining that I haven’t heard her screeching and annoying voice. From having to hear her let’s have 1000,000,0000 guns in everyone’s hands and let’s shove a microphone in everyone’s face and get made when they don’t reply… It has been a nice break. I haven’t even seen an image or tweet of or about her on social media! Whhhheeeeeeeeeewww! Anything to get her off of the Internet. Who possibly knocked her out of her spotlight? What’s made her go away? Could it possibly be Ava Louise? Yeah, it might be because of the coronavirus and not Ava! Although I’m starting to think it’s because of Ava as well. Majority of YouTube channels and Internet personalities are growing during this outbreak, where is Kaitln Bennett? Probably somewhere pooping her pants. I’d much rather be around someone hot that’s licking a toilet than pooping their pants and carrying around 5,429 guns. Bye, Kaitlin.