Did Ariel Helwani Just Roast Brendan Schaub?

For the past couple days, MMA Journalist Ariel Helwani and Comedian Andrew Schulz have been going back and forth in what’s been a hilarious exchange. Schulz is the man and knows exactly what to say to get all of MMA twitter in a complete frenzy, a skill I can only hope to acquire some day. Here are some of the tweets.

But despite the fact that the feud was between Schulz and Helwani, it appears Ariel ended the exchange with a ricochet shot at fighter turned comedian Brendan Schaub.

“Retired fighters calling themselves great comedians.” I can only think of one guy who fits that description. That’s Brendan “No Humor” Schaub. I’m not one of these massive Schaub haters, but man was that special atrocious. I’ve laughed more at cartel punishment videos than I did during a Brendan Schaub punchline.

I really think that if Ariel Helwani tried to get into standup comedy today, he could put out a special that’s at least comparable to Schaubs. And I know that Brendan was a former fighter, but I think that if the two got into a war of words today, Heelwani would absolutely wipe the mat with Brendan. Ariel’s just watched too much pro wrestling in his life to lose a trash-talk battle to a guy who’s CTE prevents him from stringing 3 articulate sentences together in a row.

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