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Did AJ Green Say ‘Just Trade Me’ During Game? (Video)

Written by Nate

To be clear, I may not be a terrific lip reader by any means, but from what I seen from what Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver AJ Green said, this could end getting ugly soon.

Earlier today in a loss to the Baltimore Ravens, a tweet by user Kyle Smith went viral catching a frustrated Green complaining to a coach about something. Possibly about not getting targets.

And that’s where Green possibly said ‘just trade me’ at the end of the clip.

For one of the better players during the times in which (now Dallas Cowboys) quarterback Andy Dalton led the team, it may be understandable he’s upset with the way his team is going under rookie Joe Burrow.

The jury is out on where he’ll end up later in this season, but hopefully this will dissolve soon.

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