Did a OU Sooner Football Website Just Let Us All In On Who Oklahoma Will Be Hiring For Their New HC #OUDNA #OUFootball

Written by austenlange

A Norman news outlet let out a report that the university of Oklahoma will be hiring Georgia Defensive Coordinator Dan Lanning. This obviously conflicts with many OU fans who are praying and praying that they somehow land Clemson coach, Dabo Sweeney.

It looks as if this was posted as an accident, and reports from my sources state that they write these blogs for every potential hire just so they can have the news ready as quickly as possible.

My only tiff here is that I haven’t even heard of this in the rumor mill so why pull it out of thin air like that? I’m not really sure, however it all seems too fishy.

I’m all in on them getting the Clemson staff and having Drake announce because that would quite literally be music to my ear hairs.

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