Dick Vitale Tears Up Talking About Return to ESPN Commentary (Video) | #viral #NCAA

Tonight featured a highly anticipated college hoops matchup between the UCLA Bruins and the Gonzaga Bulldogs, but for the fans, their favorite moment absolutely did not occur on the court.

The broadcasting legend for ESPN college basketball, Dick Vitale, made his return to color commentary for the big game months after his lymphoma diagnosis. But what would happen in the video below, it truly would make everyone shed a tear too.

An emotional ‘Dickie V’ tried to hold back his tears as he thanked everyone for their support following his return from his diagnosis, including his family, friends and fans that was with him through the years, but he held his composure very well in the clip.

The moment just feels so good to hear Vitale’s voice just calling the game tonight after what he has been through in the last few months.

You can bet that the moment above was—awesome baby!

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