Dez Bryant Forgot To Log Into Burner Account, End Up Responding To His Own Tweets On Verified Account

Written by TrevStone

Dez. Oh Dez. How do you forget to press the top left button and log into your other Twitter account(s)? This is the same story over and over again. Someone in the news for forgetting to log into a burner account and instead tweeting on their verified page.

*If you haven’t heard of what a burner account is by now, you should probably come out of your shell.*

It seems it all started with NBA star Kevin Durant and after that it’s been a trickle effect.

And now former Dallas Cowboy and current free agent, Dez Bryant tweeted back to himself. It was as if he meant to log into his burner account. But forgot.

Some people are saying, he responded to himself on purpose.

But I don’t think that’s the case here… What do you think?

Now let’s go back a few steps. Dez Bryant has had a meeting with multiple NFL teams including the Cleveland Browns and hasn’t found a spot yet. Will he this season?

I don’t think he will. He wants too much money. He think is is able to be the number one receiver on and team and well…. How’s that working?

Do you remember a few months back when I said Dez wouldn’t make an opening day roster? And bashed him and called em’ a bitch? Well sometimes the truth hurts. Maybe that one was a little tough, sorry not sorry Dez.

A burner account? Sounds like a Dez move.

When will this guy realize his best bet is to play in the CFL?

And do you remember when I said that he’s the most overrated Cowboy and then right after they don’t bring him back?

Well anyway if you don’t remember read these past blogs regarding Dez..


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