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Devin Nunes Loses Legal Battle to Twitter Cow – @DevinCow #DevinNunesIsAnIdiot

Written by Tyler Allen

No doubt Devin Nunes has done some stupid stuff. Everything he did to screw up the Mueller investigation while leading the house intel committee. The most ludacris thing he has done to date, is sue Twitter for pain and suffering over a satirical cow for 250 million.

Well Today was Nunes’ day in court with Twitter. Judge John Marshall presided over and properly tossed out the case. His defense was that Twitter was trying to squash his first amendment rights, while influencing the 2018 election, his investigation into the 2016 election……right…..

Nunes is a litigious human being, because he is still involved in litigation with CNN, the Washington Post, Hearst, McClatchy, and Fusion GPS.

Nunes is an idiot.

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