Devin Booker Goes For Stephen A Smith’s Neck On Twitter #SunsRDone

Written by austenlange

Sunday night after the Phoenix Suns got their asses whooped by the Dallas Mavericks in Game 7, ESPN personality Stephen A. SMith took to twitter to send out his thoughts on the performance by the Suns.

I mean I see no lies here from Stephen. The Suns, “Big 3” was essentially a non-factor in the series after Game 5. I mean shit CP3 had 7 points in an elimination game…..

None of that matters though, because what came from this was an amazing twitter moment that none of us will soon forget.

Stephen A called out the wrong god damn Devin Booker….

I love that even in today’s world that the highest of sports personalities can have a blunder leading to them getting fucking ROASTED.

I am glad that European D-Book has a good sense of humor about himself because this whole situation is laugh out loud funny to me.

Maybe Stephen is getting too old and needs someone to tweet his thoughts for him like ole Magic Johnson.

Stephen A. Smith Burner on Twitter: "#2 Seed: Pain." / Twitter

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