Face it Lions fans, we need to hire Brian Daboll. We need an offensive coach and we’re likely to not get Eric Bieniemy from Kansas City. A lot of people want Robert Saleh, the defensive guru from San Fran, but how many successful defensive head coaches has their been? This league is offensive-minded and when you have one of the best qb’s in their prime (Stafford da goat) plus multiple other weapons on offense (Golladay, Hock, Swift) you have to play to not only your strengths, but the trend of the league. Daboll knows what it’s like to work hard in a gritty town (Buffalo) and would fit right in with Detroit. The Bill’s OC has completely transformed the Buffalo offense and has made Josh Allen into an elite quarterback. Imagine what he could do with Stafford. Before that, he won a national championship as the OC & QB coach for Nick Saban and the Crimson Tide and before that won 5 Super Bowls with the Patriots during two tenures of 2000-2006 & 2013-2016. But wait…..”He’s from New England”. LMAO, shut up. Lions fans want nothing to do with the Patriots organization after the Patricia & Quinn tenure, but you can’t hang your hat on that. That’s like not drafting a player because he’s from a school who’s produced busts for you before. It’s idiotic mentality. But either way, even if Lions fans get whoever coach the popular vote wants, probably Saleh, they’ll never be satisfied and will complain no matter what.


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