Nothing like being 2-19 in the NBA. That’s the case for the Detroit Pistons. I’m a diehard Pistons fan but this season has been completely miserable. I don’t know what they can possibly do to turn this around. They were supposed to take a jump this season and it just isn’t happening. Bringing in a new coach, some new faces, and everything? Sounded good. But it just isn’t working.

The Bad Boy Days are long gone and we all know it. Those days of Championships are a LOOOONGGGG ways away.

I was excited at the start of this season. I had a tiny bit of hope. Hell, they won the second and third game they played this season. And from there? It’s been disappointment.

Some people are wondering how long they’ll last in Detroit. I mean, I know Detroit hasn’t been known much for winning. But normally the Red Wings and Pistons are decent. And that just hasn’t been the case for the Pistons.

I have no clue what they can do to turn it around. Maybe move? Maybe sell the franchise off to some big sports betting group in Las Vegas? Let them move the team? I’d hate it. I’ve got an old school Pistons logo tattoo’d on my arm.

But at the same time, I might just need to find a new team and the only way that would be possible is if they moved. Hell, I’d probably still be a fan of that team as I do enjoy Las Vegas.

But they need a complete turn around. Ownership? I’ve never liked Tom Gores. Maybe he’s a good guy, but for some reason his billionaire businessman self reminds me of a used car salesman. And that is how it seems like he is as an owner.

Detroit Basketball diehard fan Mob said something that everyone agreed with. “I can’t keep watching these Pistons game(s) for my mental healths sake.”

This is brutal.

Check out the last games:

No more excuses. GM Troy Weaver can’t make excuses anymore.



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