Having a dismal regular season record with only 10 wins, the Detroit Pistons have turned into the laughing stock of the NBA. However, one key front office figure for the team made matters for himself on one viral video by user Eli Bashi on X.

On the app, Pistons general manager Troy Weaver got into a shouting match with a couple fans in the seats of Little Caesars Arena, and ejected one fan after he ‘heckled’ him. That one fan allegedly said to Weaver that he was ‘bad at his job.’

Weaver also went on say to the fan, ‘you’re lucky I don’t beat your ass’ before security ushered the fan out.

Here’s what Bashi also said on his thread about Weaver’s incident:

Detroit sports teams have had of a history of terrible general managers including the infamous names of Al Avila and Matt Millen, but for Weaver to openly threaten fans and kick them out of their seats, that’s a new low. Even for the Pistons’s sake.

This should be the last straw for Weaver as his seat continues to be hot for the fans, but with owner Tom Gores, who knows if he’ll stick around. But at a record of 10-53, Weaver and the entire front office should already be fired at this point.

**Original Multimedia Imaging Courtesy: Eli Bashi/X**


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