Detroit Pistons Finally Traded Jerami Grant To Portland For A 2025 2nd Round Pick

The Detroit Pistons have finally traded Jerami Grant. Grant is on his way to join Dame Lillard and the Portland Trail Blazers for a 2025 2nd round pick via Milwaukee.

It was only a matter of time before Jerami Grant was traded, hell it’s been rumored that he was being dealt for over a year now. Grant is a decent player, but is 28 years old and doesn’t fit the Pistons timeline.

Detroit now has $43 million in cap space for free agency and have been rumored to be pursuing either DeAndre Ayton, Miles Bridges, or Jalen Brunson. Just a guess but I’d bet they end up with Miles Bridges and hopefully get a little discount since he’s a lean drinking rapper these days.

WITH THE 5th PICK IN THE 2022 NBA DRAFT THE DETROIT PISTONS SELECT… Jaden Ivey. Please. For the love of god. Combining Ivey with Cade and the Pistons might just be back.

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