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Detroit Lions Want Everyone’s Help For Young Girl Who is Suffering From Ultra-Rare Disease on #RareDiseaseDay

Written by Nate

February 29 is Leap Year Day that occurs every four years, but today is also known as ‘rare disease day’ that is held on every last day of February.

This week, the Detroit Lions have been tweeting about a young girl named Morgan, who is suffering from a rare disease called BPAN (beta-propeller protein-associated neurodegeneration). And the team wants everyone’s support for Morgan.

With a known 500 cases reported around the world, Morgan’s disease is ultra-rare and is believed to have no cure.

And her family would like to have money raised to help researchers eventually discover the possible cure and therapy needed for kids like Morgan who have the disease.

Click here for the link to the site, ‘Don’t Forget Morgan,’ to help the team raise money to fund researchers to find a cure for BPAN. You can also find the link and view the video of Morgan‘s story down below.

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