Earlier today on Monday, one of the Detroit Lions’ biggest fans, Sweta Patel, got some tragic news when she found out that her unborn child did not have a heartbeat.

Sweta Patel

Countless fans have reached out to her following the news, even the Detroit Lions’ official Twitter account commented to her in the replies.

And as a gift for her and her family’s sympathy, the team comforted and treated her with having dinner sent her way to her home tonight.

A very nice and classy move by the organization to do this for one of their biggest fans here.

Even though they might not be the best team in the league currently, the team always gives back to a person or a group that needed it the most, such as what they did for Sweta.

On behalf on all of PSE, our thoughts and prayers are being sent over to Sweta and her family.


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