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Detroit Lions Legend And NFL Pro Bowler Dies Unexpectedly!

Written by Chris Powers

The NFL has seen so many losses in the year 2021, and it appears that things do not appear to be slowing down any time soon. It seems that this is a record year for the amount former NFL players we have seen die.

The most recent sad news comes out of the Detroit Lions organization. It was announced on September 17th that former Lions defensive tackle Roger Brown had passed away. Brown was drafted in the fourth round, 42nd overall, in the 1960 NFL Draft out of Maryland State College by the Detroit Lions. He was named the 1962 Outstanding Defensive Lineman in the league, and sacked both Bart Starr and Johnny Unitas for safeties. Because of that, he set an individual NFL record for safeties scored in a single season; first set in 1932.

He played for the Lions through the 1966 season, then was traded to the Los Angeles Rams. He was known for his performance in the “Thanksgiving Day Massacre” game against the Green Bay Packers in 1962 where he sacked Bart Starr seven times, including one for a safety. During his stint with the Rams, Brown, along with Deacon Jones, Lamar Lundy, and Merlin Olsen formed the “Fearsome Foursome”, the most feared defensive line at the time. He retired after three seasons with the Rams, ending a career in which he was an NFL Pro Bowl player for 6 straight seasons (1962–1967) and a 2-time first-team All-Pro (1962 and 1963).

In other Detroit Lions news, former Detroit Lions pro bowler, NFL Hall of Famer and arguably one of the greatest wide receivers of all time, Calvin Johnson still holds a grudge against his former team. Johnson says that the Lions organization allegedly still owes him $1.6 million dollars. See what he had to say on the subject below:

“I’m not gonna close a chapter, but I’m not gonna bend over backwards to try and do anything, because I didn’t do anything. I did my job,” Johnson said. “I’m not saying they gotta repay me the $1.6 (million) all up front, but they need to figure out a way to do it and not have me work for it. Because I already did the work for it.”


The money he received was part of his sign on bonus, and when he retired in 2016, he had to repay the Lions back. Apparently Detroit offered Johnson a deal whereby he would earn $500K a year over the period of three years for making three appearances. The first $100K would be given as a charitable donation. Johnson of course did not accept the offer which is why the issue still stands today.

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