In his pre-NFL Draft press conference Thursday morning, Detroit Lions general manager Brad Holmes wore a shirt that has quietly gone viral.

As seen on multiple tweets, Holmes was seen wearing a ‘Support Women and Girls in Sports’ shirt in support towards a movement that both protecting and supporting biological females in sports altogether via Title IX.

The small message on Holmes’s shirt made a large impression to all fans and Twitter users alike, and it even caught the eye of former University of Kentucky and NCAA Champion Riley Gaines.

For those who don’t know, Gaines is currently the leader of the aforementioned movement after she was ‘unfairly’ given second place via tiebreaker to Lia Thomas, a biological male swimmer who turned transgender just before the women’s championship meet. She has been fighting and speaking out for protecting women in sports since then.

Down below is her reaction to Holmes’s shirt.

And let’s say that people replying to her tweet is loving the shirt and full agreement with Brad’s message.

Perhaps for Riley’s end, there needs to be more support for women and girls in sports from NFL figures such as Holmes and commissioner Roger Goodell so all fans and teams can be aware of this movement.

However with over a week left until the 2023 NFL Draft, we could see more outreach coming very, very soon.

UPDATE: If you like to purchase one of these shirts that Holmes is wearing, please see the link in the tweet below:

**Headline Photo Courtesy: Brad Galli/Twitter**


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