The one thing that has been consistent this year in Detroit has been it’s special teams. From punter Jack Fox winning special teams player of the month, to being one of the best coverage teams, and also having one of the best kickers in Matt Prater. Detroit’s special team’s has looked great this year.

With the defense struggling and offense not clicking as it should, Lions fans are once again calling for the firing of Matt Patricia.

But who would take over if head coach Matt Patricia was fired in the middle of the season?

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I, and many other Lions fans would be calling for the 33 year old Brayden Coombs. It seems as if special teams coordinators moving to head coach has been something the NFL has been open too.

First one that comes to my mind is John Harbaugh – who has been successful as a head coach after being a special teams coordinator. Then most recently we have Joe Judge who was the special teams coordinator in New England and now the Head Coach in New York for the Giants.

By now you probably know that I’ve been the biggest supporter of Patricia, this team should be 4-0, and at least 3-1. This can’t keep happening. Can’t keep blowing leads. I even had hundreds of In Patricia We Trust T-Shirts made and even said In Patricia We Trust over 1,000 times without stopping. I brought into this system, it’s just not working.

Coombs father is the defensive coordinator at Ohio State and Coombs has been around football his entire life.

33 years old would be one of the youngest head coaches – something that is becoming more and more relevant in the NFL.

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Let a young gun come in? If we don’t fire Patricia during the season then I don’t see Coombs getting a chance at head coach next season. It would have to be a move that was made during the season. Hopefully if we fire Patricia we keep a couple of coaches around because I do think we’ve improved in different assets just not winning.