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Detroit Lions Fans Need To Stop Worrying About What Calvin Johnson Had To Say- He Might Be Right #OnePride

It seems like whenever former Detroit Lions star and future HOFer Calvin Johnson talks Detroit fans seem to take him out of context.

Most recently when Johnson appeared on ‘All The Smoke’ with Stephen Jackson and Matt Barnes he was asked if he could play with any quarterback who it’d be.

He replied honest and said “Aaron Rodgers”… I mean do we blame him?

Calvin Johnson is considered one of the best and some even consider him the best to EVER play the WR position.

Aaron Rodgers… Hate him or not, he is considered one of the best to play his position. Of course Calvin Johnson is going to want to play with him.

Calvin was disrespected by the Front Office in Detroit, the same way that Barry Sanders was. It’s not fair for Lions fans to be mad at Calvin about ANYTHING. If Calvin Johnson wants to take a shot at this Franchise he is allowed too. The guy put his body on the line every week and out performed every week to be treated like junk.

Calvin also said during the podcast that the reason he decided to stay in Detroit was because of players like Stafford. He felt like Detroit was actually building something and had a chance to make a playoff run.

Stop crying about what Calvin has to say. It’s probably the truth.

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