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Detroit Lions Fan Shoved Down 2 Flights Of Stairs By Bears Fan After Lions Win

Written by TrevStone

After the Detroit Lions beat the Chicago Bears yesterday, a fan recorded himself saying goodbye to the Bears fans and needless to say the Bears fans got fed up with him and one of them ended up shoving him down the stairs.

According to the Lions fan he was shoved down two flights of stars.

@barstooldetroit Lions win. Bears stink. (via IG/n_petz) #detroitlions #chicagobears #soldierfield #chicago #nfl #football ♬ original sound – Barstool Detroit

As a Detroit Lions fan I’m mad… not at these Chicago Bears fans but because of this douche doing this. I don’t blame the fan for shoving him, put me in your video, talk shit… I’d be upset too.

This dude needs to learn not to be such a dbag and he learned his lesson. Everyone in the comments is on the side of the Bears fan while the Lions fan thought we’d be on his side.

Nope. As a Lions fan, don’t do this. Makes us all look bad. And makes us look like we’ve never beat Chicago or any team before. And to be fair, we hardly do. But just shut up. Celebrate. Yell. But don’t be a douche. Especially on video.

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