Deshaun Watson Debuts ALL His New Teams Jerseys

Written by BadBoiCiCi

Deshaun Watson has been all over the news, from his press conference with the Browns, his deposition hearings, and now he has shown off his new jerseys. He recently posted all variations of his jerseys but forgot he had his Falcons jersey in the background on a foosball table. This gives us an inside look at how much he must’ve been seriously considering going home as he grew up in Gaineville, Georgia, and hour outside of Atlanta. Fans noticed this quickly and didn’t hesitate to go on a social media frenzy about it. 

This must hurt if you are an Atlata Falcons fan. Being so close to winning the “Deshaun Watson Sweepstakes”. Instead they are stuck with Marcus Mariota who is their presumptive starter heading into the season. Can’t imagine fans are too thrilled about having a quarterback two and a half season removed from playing in the starting role. When will we stop saying “poor Flacons fans”, its been five years.

To all Falcons fans, 800-273-8255. I’m Sorry.

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