Deshaun Watson Admits To Cheating On His Girlfriend How Many Times?

Written by TrevStone

How many times did Deshaun Watson admit to cheating on his girlfriend Jilly Anais ? Well that’s something that he answered recently. He admitted to actually cheating on her three times. Wild right?

Here is the answer that was given for that.

O’BRIEN: Deshaun Watson has insisted that in these massages, that he was looking for nothing other than professional services, but we know he did have sex with three women, right? Oral sex with two, vaginal sex with another. So how do you explain unintentionally ending up having sex with people who are giving you professional massages?

GRAHAM: Well, in every massage, I will tell you he did go, intending just for a professional massage, and only those three instances where sexual conduct occurred– consensual sexual activity– it occurred after the massage session had ended. And Mr. Watson has testified and is insistent that that sexual activity was initiated by the plaintiff in every single instance.

O’BRIEN: He said he has no regrets. Is that still true? He has no regrets?

GRAHAM: As he testified in his depositions last week, yes, he has no regrets because he did nothing wrong. He did nothing wrong in these massages. And although– to your first question, “How can he be innocent?” I think the real question is, “What evidence is there of any guilt?”

Right there you have him admitting to actually cheating three times on her. I mean why would you cheat on her? She’s honestly gorgeous.

How does she feel about all of this? Flip the page to see her reaction.

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